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If you’re struggling, it takes courage to ask for help.  And you may be wondering - will this work for me?  The good news is that studies show that the majority of clients see benefit from counselling and therapy.  You may be:


  • feeling down or depressed
  • stressed or anxious
  • having relationship issues
  • coping with loss
  • angry
  • just trying to make sense of your life


Whatever it is that's troubling you I offer a confidential, safe space to explore what’s going on for you, whether that’s something happening in your life right now or issues from the past that you’ve never been able to resolve.  It’s a collaborative approach where we go at your pace.


The About section of this site will tell you more about my experience and qualifications and the Questions page may help with some of the common questions that people often ask.  If you’d like to move things forward we can first speak on the phone or you can email me to set up a time to meet where I can begin to understand what you’re trying to deal with and you can see what it might be like for us to work together.  My details are on the Contact Us page.


Jon Howarth

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